My Last Post

          This is my last post, and I will no longer post here. It’s over, I am not going to post. I will delete all my existing post except this one so that everyone can see. It’s not that I hate posting but it’s just that I won’t post here anymore. The reason is that after buying my domain from Deep I had a plan to shift so I have atlast shifted to a new hosting and everyone can find me there. Any bloggers visiting my blog should change their blogroll address to:

        I would be informing this to every bloggers who have my blog in their blogroll and who have linked me somewhere in their blogs. The blog there is still work in progress as I am still not able to configure some plugins here and there. So it will take sometime to get it to stand on it’s feet. I think it should be done by tonight if my host (Harshj) helps me in setting up those plugins.



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